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kinda hard but



Thank you for playing!! I think what makes it so hard is that the (hidden) cursor is a bit to the top and left of the right hand so you need to aim a bit of the bottom and right of where you want to click. Should just show the cursor... 🙈


Actually another helpful hint: its all click, no drag.

ohh ok

adored by it's gif-preview, I like that grabbing the soap, turns in that sinks hot-water?

if trying to locate those arms on bottom edge of the screen, they bit appear on the white-background underneath the floor's tiles, same if grabbing e.g. that towel?

I could even just wash the left hand, right one grabs a towel still both getting clean & placing towel onto sink's metal-part, gets cold-water's faucet adjusted?

*me placing soap on shoes*, way better than casually located on sink xD

left-hand being in background in order to soap vs. towel? how to place soap on towel just for fun? nice bird's icon on soap but why I can't grab that soap it stored on shoes x-P towel can be grabbed out-of-screen there too?

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Very intresting. I love it :]

Oh, that's clean.

Oh, that's clean.