A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

WORDCRAFT is a text adventure that traps you inside obscure rooms - your only chance of escape is a magical backpack and your ingenuity.

COLLECT WORDS from the story. 

REARRANGE LETTERS to create new meaning. 

CRAFT your escape.

Watch gameplay video here.

Install instructions

PLEASE NOTE: This prototype is still in early development.

The ideal platform to play on is mobile (Android).

Because of increased security settings you may not be able to play on Catalina just yet. We are working on solving this issue.

If you encounter a bug that prevents you from completing a puzzle (such as disappearing letters), please click the menu button in the top right corner, press restart, and press the menu button again to close it.


Wordcraft Android 1.0 23 MB
Wordcraft OSX 1.0 26 MB
Wordcraft PC 1.0 23 MB

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